After quietly releasing 9 episodes, we thought it was time to broaden the audience of JBoss Commmunity Asylum, a podcast about, for and by the JBoss Community. This week we released our 9th episode, which besides the short news has an interview with Bob McWirther on his TorqueBox project. Bob talks with us about what TorqueBox brings to the table for both Java and Ruby developers. He discusses how TorqueBox, via the JBoss AS 5 micro-container architecture, enables Ruby to run inside JBoss AS 5 and optionally utilizes the Java ecosystem for its added functionalities (in particular clustering facilities). Bob also talks about why he started The CodeHaus, help gave birth to Groovy and how he got involved into JBoss via his Drools and OSS community work. About JBoss Community Asylum The podcast was started in September by Michael Neale, Emmanuel Bernard and Max Rydahl Andersen to talk about technologies created at and around the JBoss Community and have some fun while doing it. The Asylum, covers news in the JBoss Community concerning new projects, releases, speaker events and even general Java news of interest to the community. In each episode, we invite one or more JBoss Community members (from Red Hat or not) and discuss their work and comment on the news. The full list of title and topics covered until now is:
  • Bob on Torquebox, Ruby in a Java world and other jewels (podcast)
  • Confessions, Embedded AS, ShrinkWrap and Arquillian with Andrew Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen (podcast)
  • JEE 6, CDI and Weld with Pete Muir and Dan Allen (podcast)
  • Portal Love and more French Accents (Thomas Heute on Portal) (podcast)
  • Validating Hardy and opensource IDE Business (Hardy Ferentschik on Bean Validation) (podcast)
  • Rambling like an old couple (short news only) (podcast)
  • Aaron Walker, Sexy accents and community involvement (podcast)
  • What happened at JBoss World ? (podcast)
If you have input, suggestions or like to be on the podcast and talk about your JBoss Community related project(s) then send us an email at asylum at jboss dot org.