Add a video over flash video player on website Introduction: Video Watermark Plugin of Moyea Web Player enables to add a video at any position of web Flash video player as a watermark with transparency. With it, you can easily brand or copyright your own web player with a video. Key Features: * Adding a video-watermark with transparency and link at any position of web FLV player * Branding or copyrighting your web player with video and audio * Watermark added with this plugin can work as an ad over player Limitation of free trial version: The added video-watermark will have a link to our website About Moyea Web Player: Moyea Web Player is an easy-to-use FLV player creator, with which, customizing skinning [url=]streaming FLV player[/url] and FLV player (flash video player) for website only needs a few mouse-clicks. And the created player can be easily edited via flashvars code. The official website is Where this plugin appears: After installed, this plugin will appear on the following interface of Moyea Web Player. Example: This example will show you how to add a video onto a web player as watermark. To implement the above demo, the step-by-step tutorial as below. Step 1: Add a video into Moyea Web Player on "Media" interface. Step 2: Click the video watermark pluin on "Addons" tab panel on "Template" interface, and then click "..." button. Click "browser" button to input a video and fill the form as you want in the pop-up window. Notice: The value of X-coordinate and X-coordinate can be a negative number. When both values are 0, the watermark will appear at the left top of web player. Step 3: Set the value of "Video list style" is none to remove the playlist and the embed code at the right of player. Step 4: Click "Publish" button on "Publish" interface. Then we could get a web player which is the same as the above demo.