[fleXive] CMS is an Open Source Java EE Content Management System based on
JavaServer Faces 1.2. It combines the power of JSF XHTML templating with
that of the Java EE 5 content repository [fleXive].

Some highlights include:
* Dynamic JSF templating (Facelets)
* Easy integrating of custom logic with EJB or JSF beans
* Modular structure, Maven support
* Generic data structures
* WebDAV and CMIS support
* Incorporates all core [fleXive] features like security, versioning,
multilinguism, scripting, etc.

As this is an early release it lacks quite some features that we envision
for a 1.0 version, but the available functionality is reasonably stable
and the CMS is already being used in production.

Download Installer: http://www.flexive.org/products/cms/download.html
Official Website: http://www.flexive.org/cms