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     I have written a book on iReport 3.7 which is published from PACKT Publishing. For the book details please visit iReport 3.7 at PACKT Publishing Book Store. 

    -A step-by-step, example-oriented tutorial with lots of screenshots to guide the reader seamlessly through the book

    -Generate enterprise-level reports using iReport 3.7

    • -Give your reports a professional look with built in templates

    • -Create master/detail reports easily with the sub-report feature

    • -Produce summary data and present them in a dynamic crosstab report



    What you will learn from this book

    -Using iReport for creating reports

    • -Using special kinds of data operations to generate more powerful reports
    • -Combining data to produce master/detail reports
    • -Adding images and controlling the layout and formatting of your report
    • -Using report variables to store data during the execution of the report
    • -Representing business data in the form of pie charts, bar charts and so on
    • -Calling iReport from a Java desktop or web application
    • -Creating reports from the NetBeans IDE
    • -Creating JDBC connections from iReport to connect to different data sources.

    Packt Open Source Project Royalties

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  2. Hi,

    i have bought this book and followed the instruction to create a subreport and return value for a subreport variable.

    But in subreport properties, return values, add drop down menu there is no variable i have created.

    In jasper forum and other no one had replied till no so i hope someon can help me what went wrong.

    To all other, its a book to get simple solutions fast and near practice.