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    Dear friends

    How are you?

    I am developing a high volume, mission critical Web "B2B"
    Application for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on
    OS - WindowsNT and database - MS SQL 2000 Enterprise. I am
    currently evaluating IBM WebSphere Application Server V3.5
    and BEA WebLogic Server 6.0.

    Future needs include integration with EDI Systems
    (GentranServerNT, Harbinger TLE, GEIS, etc.).

    Can I request you to please share all relevant information
    and experience on this topic?

    Thanking you
    Sriram (Ram) Peddibhotla

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  2. Well,
    WebSphere has a production EIS backend solution with CCF. IBM are now shipping a JCA compliant version of this in VAJ 3.5.3 with support for SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and Oracle etc.

    WAS 4.0 which is coming real soon now should be more usuable than 3.5 and should integrate with any IDE pretty easily. It's also J2EE certified, runs on 1.3 and is EJB 1.1. If you can wait then WAS 4.0 is what I'd shoot for if time allowed, 6 months to production sort of time. IBM are currently running a WAS 4.0 beta program that you may be interested in joining.

    WAS also now supports 2 phase commit between JDBC and MQ Series. If you're integrating back end systems then this is an invaluable feature IMHO. WL 6.0 is supposed to have this as well but I haven't seen it demonstrated yet.

    WAS 3.5.3 is very stable now also and is one of the fastest app servers on the market right now. We develop with it using VAJ 3.5 and JBuilder/ANT.

    But, I'd recommend doing your own due diligence and make up your own mind.

  3. Actually to be honest, why are you using a J2EE server at all? Why not buy a product like WebMethods for example? If you do go with BEA then you should look at Process Collaborator and if you go with IBM then look at WebSphere B2Bi.