The jclouds ecosystem has been extremely busy the last 3 months. We have a lot to talk about with our latest beta (1.0-beta-5) of jclouds. Besides performance and bug fixes, there are a lot of new features.

  • Clojure support, compatible with 1.1 and 1.2 runtimes.
  • Refined ComputeService API, including better errors, links between nodes and their images, and support for running scripts across your nodes.
  • Location compatibility across BlobStore and ComputeService. This allows you to designate and query geo-collocation of resources, which saves time and bandwidth.
  • More services such as full support for GoGrid and experimental support for BlueLock vCloud.

Coming next, we'll support portable volume management, across at least EBS and vCloud, and features you vote on.

Please see our blog for more details on this release.

Many thanks to the growing community of beta testers and collaborators!