Working with Large Search Result Sets? Give HDPagination 1.2 a Try


News: Working with Large Search Result Sets? Give HDPagination 1.2 a Try

  1. Challenged with the task of paging over a large resultset? Give HDPagination a try.

    HDPagination is a framework library designed to simply coding of pagination search over large result set in J2EE web applications. Version 1.2 includes some significant enhancements and bug fixes including the following...

    • Support Portlet (JSR 168 & JSR 286) application based on JSF.
    • Change page size at runtime from search input page.
    • New JSP tag and JSF tag to support sorting results with dropdown selection.
    • Fixes of some defects and a lot of improvements in source code.

      See changelog for release information and bugs fixed in this version:

      Download the release from:

  2. Nice, but no support for RIAs?[ Go to top ]

    I checked out the site. Good try, but you could achieve more scalability without using the Session and Request objects, by sending data directly to the client upon a search request, thus giving it the responsibility to do the pagination itself. Of course, the amount of data you choose to send will be dependent on the capabilities of the client. If it requires more data than you've sent, then it sends a new request. Chances are that if you send enough data, the user may not even have to issue any more requests.

    A rich client application could handle the pagination without a page refresh, as opposed to what happens in your "Search Products" demo. Obviously, your target implementation is JSF/JSP. Any plans for Javascript-based RIA clients, e.g. GWT?

  3. Nice, but no support for RIAs?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your input.

    This library aims to give the server side pagination solution. And the key idea behind is to load data page by page from database, which can be useful when the search result is large. However, if the amount of data is quite small, this libarry is probably not suitable, and as you said, javascript may give a better option. As far as I know, some jquery libaries can do the pagination by applying javascript.

    In terms of RIA support, I am thinking of adding Ajax support to the JSF Components (like the way other JSF libraries such as richfaces, ICEFaces do) in the future so that it does not have to
    refresh the whole page when navigating to different pages or sorting the search result.
    But again, this still will be handled at server side and only partial page will be refreshed.
    Hopefully, I do not have to build the Ajax support facilities from scratch and can build it on top of the new featrues provided by JSF 2.0.

    About GWT support, no plan yet since I am not familiar with GWT and not sure if GWT fits with the library, unless if I can get some help from experts in this erea.