Please check out our beta test, Java EJB 3.0, as we are validating it to be used as a pre-employment assessment for candidates who use Enterprise Java Beans in a significant portion of their job role.  You can determine if the content is applicable or relevant for a pre-employment assessment in this subject area.  Any feedback you can provide regarding the quality of the individual items and the test as a whole will help us continue to deliver high quality certification exams that test relevant skills required in the workplace. You can submit anonymous feedback on each question as it is presented, or evaluate the test as a whole when you are finished.

To take the beta test, click the link below:


Take some time to explore our entire library of beta tests for other technologies that interest you. This is a great opportunity to impact test content with your unique set of knowledge and skills.

 We are looking forward to reviewing your feedback.

 Thank you for your help. Good luck!!