Codendi platform, the only 100% open source collaborative solution for managing the lifecycle of software applications, announced today its 4.2 Beta version. This is an early access from the final Codendi 4.2 Edition that will be fully tested and secured and soon available.

With this beta version, Codendi provides a new generation of trackers, one of the most important tool of the platform on which are based all the other tools. This is the major new feature of Codendi 4.2. Codendi team worked hard to build a new tracker engine providing from now significant enhancements and new functionalities and allowing lots of future developments.

The trackers of the platform had already strong capabilities as linking all the artifacts of a project to each others allowing users to immediately access work items, bugs, source code, documents and other artifacts at any step of the project’s lifecycle.

Codendi 4.2 beta version goes further and provides now a workflow for each tracker. It is now possible to define artifact state transitions with associated permissions. The 4.2 beta tracker engine offers new tracker templates and the import/export of tracker structure in XML format to boost open architecture.

For improving project monitoring and productivity, you can now post results or reports of your customized tracker queries everywhere in your project or personal workspace. You can interactively build up reports by adding, moving and resizing columns. You can also add and remove query filters interactively and replay previous complex queries very quickly. Moreover, the new user-friendly interface makes work easier and faster.

A GIT plugin has been added. This distributed version control system offers performance and efficient storage. It allows committing offline then pushing, branching and merging are faster and easier. Git enables multiple local branches that can be entirely independent of each other. Git enables to link a repository to several other remote ones which can be modified locally as independent branches. Each remote branch can be a feature you can experiment and finally decide to merge or discard.

Codendi final 4.2 Edition will contain bug fixing and a new SOAP interface to give the possibility to plug any other tool to the platform.

You can download the Codendi 4.2 Beta version and share your feedback on the community website