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    if you are giving a CD that has some multimudia, the content of the CD can be used with or without the browser (for example mp3...), How could we know when someone who get the CD, and start using it, how can we get his/her ip address, or just know how many times our CD is used.

    The user who is using the CD, is supposed connected to the internet, we don't want a dialog box, or the browser to open up, we want this happened without the user know.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Not sure to be honest. However, I would have a good long chat with your legal department about this before you do it. That kind of thing is close to invasion of privacy in some countries.

    In some it's fine, but in others it's not.

    Also, the IP address of someone connected to the net via a proxy server is next to no use to you since it will almost certainly start 10.... or 172..... and will be the same as lots of other peoples, since it will be a private IP address. If it's a user connected directly to the net, then there is a high chance it will be a DHCP address which will probably change the next time they dial up.

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but I think you might have difficulties with this. Sorry!