Velocity was probably the best stage for this announcement and it was great that we got a slot on the Lightening Demo’s to show what’s new from dynaTrace.

The dynaTrace Labs team has worked hard on the next version of the dynaTrace AJAX Edition. Since its inception, dynaTrace AJAX Edition got a lot of great and positive feedback – especially due to the depth of data that it collects which includes all Network Traffic, full JavaScript traces, full DOM traces, tracing XmlHttpRequests (XHR) and deep insight into the browser’s rendering engine. And all of that for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 which still happens to be the number 1 used browser out there but not the number 1 browser when it comes to good tooling support for developers and especially performance engineers.

Read the full blog of the Beta Announcement, Watch the Velocity Keynote Demo and Get Involved.