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    There is a new kid on the framework block. Never parse a flat file again. We are pleased to announce the launch of Canyon, the powerful open source flat file ORM processing framework. In Hibernate style, Canyon allows the processing of flat files by supply mapping information and letting the framework turn the data into objects. Canyon was designed to use mappings familiar to the majority of JAVA developers and thus makes the learning curve very shallow.

    Canyon provides session management, supports fixed length and delimited files, and also supports multiple file relationships. Canyon also provides the ability to persist your objects in the configured format.


    • Supports delimited and fixed length formats
    • Supports reading data as well as persisting data (not necessarily to the same place) in the configured format
    • File processing session management
    • Input and output configurable with a variety of options to suit your application
    • Mappings familiar to anyone who has used Hibernate, and easy to learn for those who haven't
    • Fully defined mapping and configuration files, meaning that files can be validated and auto complete activated (depends on IDE)
    • Multiple extension points to increase functionality easily
    • Supports multiple file relationship (joins by foreign key)
    • 100% JAVA code so easily embeds into any JAVA application

    Input and output can be configured to read and write data from a number of sources/destinations.
    More information including the in depth user guide, example project, and libraries take a look at

    Check it out and leave feedback for any improvements you would like to see.

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    I'd love to see a non-GPL Berkely DB.