BTM in Action: Tips on Managing A Private Cloud


News: BTM in Action: Tips on Managing A Private Cloud

  1. During last weeks webinar – Charlie Weiblen from IntraLinks talked about how the manage performance of their SaaS running in their private cloud. You should listen to the full recorded webinar to learn more on how they transformed from traditional performance monitoring to performance management.

    As a teaser to the webinar I want you to watch the following 6 minute demo part that Charlie did, as he analyzes live production data. He starts by looking at current response times of their search feature. Withing minutes he discovers which users (username, IP address, branch information, …) were affected by slow running transactions. Not only does he see who was impacted by bad performance. With the technical context that dynaTrace provides with its underlying PurePath technology – he is also able to show the components (3rd party search library) and the SQL calls that contributed to the bad performance experience. Check out this nice live demo of Business Transaction Management in Action:

    Link to the 6 Minute Live Demo VIDEO

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  2. Please no more pain paths[ Go to top ]

    Sorry but am I the only one that viewed the 6 minutes of analysis as painfully slow and laborious as it must be at runtime for the JVM & application.

    I still could not even figure out what exactly was meant by a "business transaction". Does adding a user id tag to a expensively slow trace/state path constitute BTM? I thought it was all about business value?

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    You have to bash everything related to profiling don't you? Can't you just compete on quality and let the customers decide which product is better? Maybe you should spend less time trolling competing products, less time copying ideas from competing products and more time on improving your own portfolio.

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    "copying ideas from competing products" That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Clearly you have not got any understanding of this field.

    Seriously dynaCopy gets far too much air time on TSS and rarely does it actually address customer questions one of which I would expect to be is

    "What exactly is BTM and how does it really differ from APM?"

    Another one I would expect from a qualified engineer would be

    "How can this really scale without severely limiting this to entry points"

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    While the likes of William Louth showcase their wares posting to forums, HP, Quest and CA sell their solutions to customers addressing real customer problems.

    Gents, wake up and smell the coffee. No matter how great your solution is perceived (by yourself or the community), if customers' problems are not being addressed your products, they would end up being like the ‘Vasa (’

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    And here I was thinking that all they did was spend time reading my blog, visiting our website, downloading our software, copying our feature set and having "talks" with us.

    Customers you mean like StateFarm paying over a few million to HP instructing it to make OVTA more like JXInsight.

    You do know that I worked for OpenView on a "war council" consultancy basis helping them fix the performance problems within their own service management products that you claim to be addressing "real" customer problems.

    Funny that you brought this up because Charlie (the customer engineer in the dynaCopy webinar) previously stated to me in person at a Software Test & Performance conference in Boston were I was speaking that they explicitly told dynaTrace they wanted to see JXInsight timeline analysis in own tooling.

    For your information our timeline analysis was introduced in 2002-2003 and has been copied by many other companies even to this day its still going on. So "real" customers apparently have to wait for a few years after it has been invented by us.

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    [expensive, poor rip off attempt] 



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    Is Gartner Magic Quadrant is 'irrelevant'???


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    Also you missed to post on this thread.It's about cloudz but I am sure you will find a way to somehow plug your own product, links to your blog and so on.

  10. ....[ Go to top ]

    Already read the report and know one of the authors who invited me to speak at CloudConnect this year on activity based costing & metering in the cloud.

  11. Hey William, any chance you might be able to shoot me a quick email?