AdroitLogic Private Ltd. announced today that it is open sourcing the code of its Enterprise Service Bus the UltraESB, under the GNU Affero General Public License. The UltraESB first announced in January, becomes the first Open Source ESB to claim support for Zero-copy proxying of requests with Java Non-blocking IO and Memory Mapped files to support extreme levels of performance.

AdroitLogic also released the code of a Web Services Security library 'SoapBox', that was custom built by them for use by the UltraESB, which performs about 4 times faster than solutions based on the Apache WSS4J/Rampart frameworks. This support combined with SSL, HTTP Basic/Digest and other authentication methods makes the UltraESB an ideal platform to implement a Security Gateway for hosted services.

The UltraESB support many transports, message formats and technologies, and is available as a download of ~30MB