It may have taken Midnight Coders awhile to get its 4.0 release out, but the wait is now over dispelling rumors that WebORB for Java product development was waning.  In fact, WebORB for Java product development is on track and the new release is filled with many new features and enhancements that allow developers to spend less time on integration and more time on core application logic. 

WebORB for Java is a development, integration and runtime platform that is used to easily connect Flex, Flash, AJAX and Silverlight clients with Java side resources.  WebORB for Java version 4.0 is a major point release that includes the following feature categories:

- Management Console

- Developer Productivity Tools

- Remoting

- Messaging

- Data Management

- Media Streaming

- Security

Developers use WebORB for Java to reduce the amount of code they need to write, document and manage and to improve application performance.  WebORB for Java running in development mode is free and can be downloaded from the Midnight Coders website: