Unit Testing your UI with selenium


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    We will discuss here on how you can easily create automatic test scripts using Selenium IDE and convert them to JUnit tests (which uses Selenium Remote Control) which can be added to your JUnit based automatic regression test suite

    Unit Testing your UI with selenium

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  2. Not "unit testing"[ Go to top ]

    This has nothing to do with UNIT TESTING.  Running Selenium tests via JUnit is great, but just because you're using JUnit doesn't mean you're writing unit tests.  Don't you know what unit tests are?

    I'll help you out.  A unit test exercises a single unit of code.  Generally a single class or source file.  

    Whereas Selenium tests are usually end-to-end tests of your system.

    Change the title of the discussion: call it "Harnessing Selenium with JUnit".

  3. Not Unit Testing At All[ Go to top ]

    I agree completely that Selenium is not unit testing. What should we call it? Maybe "Automated Functional Testing", but not unit testing, PLEASE. Thanks to posts like this I keep arguing with people that do not know what unit testing is but insist that "some literature" agrees with them.

  4. Just a bad choice[ Go to top ]

    I just noticed something... the only place in the text that mentions "unit testing" is the title. Bad choice, I guess.

  5. Better approach[ Go to top ]


    We have created a new tool in front of Selenium. We think it's a better usage for UI testing

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