The Mule ESB team has announced general availability for Mule 3, a major advance of the popular open source enterprise service bus. This latest version of Mule represents the next generation of integration infrastructure software, with many new features and capabilities.

Mule 3 centers around the theme of simplicity, making ESBs more accessible to everyone, with architectural changes and embracing new technologies to make building modern integration applications easy. Some of these new features include:

  • Mule Cloud Connect - a set of capabilities that enable developers to integrate enterprise data and applications seamlessly with SaaS and cloud-based web applications
  • Flow-based configuration - a new powerful way of creating message flows in Mule, allowing developers to create integration flows in a more natural way
  • Pattern-based configuration - a new level of pattern support, providing larger building blocks for performing common tasks such as publishing web services, creating transactional bridges, or configuring web service proxies
  • Deployment - a new deployment model that enables automatic hot deployment of Mule applications, as well as service and application isolation
  • Architectural changes that further simplify working with Mule, including a new unified interface for all service and flow objects, called Message Processors

For more detailed information about Mule 3's features and capabilities, please visit the release announcement blog.

Download Mule 3 here - the Mule team is looking for community feedback and suggestions.

Watch a video interview of Mule project founder Ross Mason talk about what's new in Mule 3, and what's coming.