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News: GeniusWiki 2.0 released for free

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    GeniusWiki is a new generation WIKI Java-based web application. It used on that runs over 3 years and hosts thousands users and spaces.  It is free download and use. The highlight features include:

    • Markup or WYSIWYG editor switch seamless.
    • GWT based front end. 
    • All WIKI required features, such as, revisions, comments, attachments, drafts management, templates etc.
    • Many advanced macros, such as Calendar, Todo list, or Tabs etc.
    • Flexible and powerful fine-grind permission control.
    • Full text and advance search.
    • Powerful admin platform with the utmost control.
    • Easy to backup and restore.
    • A setup wizard makes the installation very easy. A standalone version is one-click setup.
    • Support most J2EE severs, such Tomcat, WebSphere, Glassfish,Weblogic and JBoss etc. 6 major database supported - MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLServer,Postgresql and HsqlDB.

     Many enhancements in this version, try it in our public website at


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    Have you got:

    • a plugin mechanism for building extension?
    • if so, are your building block services documented and available from an extension ?
    • is your wiki going to stay free ?

    Here are how I see wikis. IMHO, a wiki is basically:

    • page editing capabilities
    • scripting features (providing user-friendly dynamic capabilities)
    • storage (+ usual associated stuff, like security, admin, etc.).

    Such features are good enough to build interesting websites (e.g. like CMS) on top of them, as far good properties like the following are provided too:

    • good doc
    • a friendly license
    • a plugin mechanism for building extensions

    So, my questions above.