The Sonar Team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 2.3. This version ships with several new features :

  • it is now possible to activate several times the Checkstyle rule "Illegal Regular Expression" with different parameters and priority or the PMD rule "XPath" with different XPath expressions. This feature was a requirement to start working on a architecture rule engine (don't access the **.db.** packages from the **.client.** packages, don't use java.util.Vector, don't access **.web.** packages from **.dao.** packages, ...)
  • backup and restore quality profiles
  • ability to activate at once all the rules returned by a search
  • new rules API
  • ability to add static resources to plugins
  • support for quality models (ISO 9126 for example) through a new meta-model and a new API
  • new Findbugs rules

To find out more on those features, you can explore them in screenshots [1].

On top of those features, this release contains more than 70 improvements and bug-fixes [2]. To enjoy the new version, you can download it straight away [3].  

- The Sonar Team 

[1] Sonar 2.3 in screenshots :
[2] Release notes :
[3] Download :