Intland Software has created the "EGit for Mylyn" fork to enable associating Git changes with Mylyn tasks, and tracking these associations. It was primarily developed to satisfy Intland's own needs, but the plugin is now freely available through an Eclipse Update Site. The plugin source code is also available for cloning.

Changes in this fork:

  • "Open Corresponding Task": this funtion makes it very easy to (re)open Mylyn tasks while browsing Git changes. Just pick a change and click this menu item, and the Mylyn task that is associated with that change will be opened for you. This is supported for changes of a single file, for changes in a whole repository, for incoming and outgoing changes in Synchronize view, and basically in any type of History views.
  • Commit messages are initialized with the IDs of the active Mylyn tasks: This is a handy convenience funtion that helps you not to forget to associate your changes with the Mylyn tasks you are working on. What it does, simply, is that when committing changes, the content of the commit message text box in the Commit dialog will be initialized to contain the ID of the currently active Mylyn task. Intland strongly believes that traceability is key in Agile ALM, and never any change should be made without a good, traceable and recorded reason.
  • EGit tightly integrated with the codeBeamer issue trackers: codeBeamer issue trackers are fully supported Mylyn task repositories. You can easily import your issues into Mylyn tasks, and work on them utilizing Mylyn's awesome task-focused interface.

Egit for Mylyn 0.9.3 is based on EGit 0.9.3, the latest stable version of EGit that was available when Intland started to work on it.