NoClassDefFound error - Inner class for EJB: Urgent


EJB programming & troubleshooting: NoClassDefFound error - Inner class for EJB: Urgent

  1. I am running into a NoClassDefFound error with inner classes for an ejb.

    Here's the complete scenario:

    We are using Inprise application server with CMP beans. Some of these beans have inner classes like SortComparator which implements the java.util.Comparator interface ( basically for sorting some data ). The beans(jar file) deploy fine to the container, but at run-time i run into the NoClassDefFound error. The deployed ejb jar file does have the inner classes in it...Any thing i am missing ???

    Another thing to note, this setup has been working fine when i had the ejb container class loading policy set up to 'per jar'...but i have been running into these issues after having set up the class loader policy to 'container'...should this be related at all.

    EJB guru's please respond...thanks.

  2. Try posting your problem to the newsgroup news://, it is followed by some of the engineers at Borland. Also, the news:// group is retired, but still has a lot of useful information on it.

     - Nathan