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    How do you check that your enterprise SOA application does actually work in terms of interoperable services providing loosely coupled messaging interfaces to other software components? We need to find test coverage for these messaging interfaces and we need to do so regularly and fully automated. In a typical integration test scenario we have to simulate interface partners over various messaging transports which is very hard without sufficient tool support.

    Citrus gives fully automated integration tests including the simulation of interface partners and very powerful message validation. The framework supports a wide range of messaging transports and is highly extendable with custom test actions. The integration tests do not require any manual interaction which is the base for regular testing. Citrus integrates with Maven or ANT and adds the integration tests to the software building process just like we would do with normal unit tests.

    You do not worry about regression testing because all integration tests are executed continuously as soon as code changes do apply. This is the only reliable way to verify that your software meets the interface contracts in a service-oriented architecture.

    Have a look at Citrus and get integration testing as it should be.

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  2. Citrus is great![ Go to top ]

    I used Citrus on a project a few months ago and it was very useful!  I continue to use it for ongoing SOA development.  Citrus is a great tool for automated SOA testing (think "JUnit for SOA").

    The developer was also very responsive to emails and helped resolve an issue we discovered.