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    Hi. We are designing system and thinking what is the best technology to use in this. The scenario is that there is 22 computer centers over the country. This computers must comunicate with each other and send messages when some event occurs that evety center will be notified about this messages. To each centers will be connected our devices that is sending signals, and messages. This signals should be spread across other computer centers.

    When one computer centers will be down and don't able to receive any signal from devices or computer centers then our devices should automaticly start to sending signals to another computer center. When this computer center that was down is starting during this start the data should be synchronized to the current state of all computers centers. There must be no one point of failure. Can somebody tell us what technology will be the best to this requirements?




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    I think something like a service bus model will suit ur needs. Whenever one computer center(application) wants to send messages to others, it will put the messages on the bus. All other centers who wish to get notified about the message, will have to subscribe to the bus registry, and hence they will get notified whenever any event occurs.