This isn't going to be any ordinary Java conference.

TheServerSide Java Symposium: March 16th-18th, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Things are happening on the server side.

The past year has been a tumultuous time for the Java platform. From Oracle's acquisition of Sun to the legal wrangling over Android, from the emergence of cloud-based technologies to the ongoing delays of the release of Java 7, it's clear that Java is in transition. But transitions can be a good thing if you know how to handle the flux; it doesn't have to be a curse to be living in interesting times.

Ever cognizant of the state of the industry, TSSJS 2011 has built both a roster of speakers, and a quartet of keynoters, who are uniquely positioned to provide the Java professional keen and unabridged insights into the state of the Java platform, along with highly educated opinions and advocations about where the stewards of the language should be taking the platform.

James Gosling, the father of Java, will be keynoting. So will Steve Harris and Adam Messinger, Oracle's Senior VP of Application Server Development and VP of Development in the Fusion Middleware Group, respectively. And finally, Rod Johnson, the man behind the dominant Spring framework, will be keynoting as well.

But attending TSSJS 2011 is about more than just listening to an impressive collection of keynoters. We've asked several of the most popular and highly rated speakers from past TSSJS conferences to come back and lead sessions about the new technologies that have had the greatest impact on how they've been addressing the challenges of enterprise Java development. Some of the most respected names in the Java industry, guys such as Jeff Genender, Kirk Pepperdine, Matt Raible and Reza Rahman, will be speaking on a variety of important topics, ranging from managing performance at the JVM level, to working with the quickly evolving WebSockets, and more.

And of course, it's not just about the top presenters that are returning to Vegas in March of this year, but it's about the new industry talents that will be sharing their experiences about what is working on the cutting room floors of enterprise Java development shops. Over half of the speakers this year at TSSJS will be presenting for TheServerSide for the very first time. We've brought in the prolific Bear Bibeault, the author of jQuery in Action, to come and speak about how an experienced server-side developer can leverage their existing Java knowledge and start creating rich user interfaces quickly. "Java Rock Star" Charles Nutter will be here to speak about a little project he started a few years ago that's named JRuby. James Strachan, the creator of the Groovy programming language will also be here, talking about the Apache Camel integration framework. And the list of top talent goes on, including a long list of household names in the Java industry including Cliff Click, Jevgeni Kabanov, Adam Bien, Jon Kern and Max Katz.

Things are happening in the world of server-side Java development, and for 2011, TSSJS has stacked the roster with a combination of the most influential, most insightful and most entertaining guests and speakers. Register now, and come be a part of it.

TheServerSide Java Symposium: March 16th-18th, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

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