From version 4.0 NextReports Suite  unifies it's designer and server under the same major version.

A web service which implements a remote JDBC driver was added. In this way you do not need the drivers on the client (designer). So you may update the driver to its last release on the server and this will be transparently to any reports designer. Also your customers do not need to expose their databases opening some ports.

A flat file export to simple text was added, with a fixed column size in characters.

Reports can contain also charts. Previously, charts were exported only as flash. From this version charts can be exported also as images.

A 'New Line' action was added on any row from layout, allowing for demarcation of data and charts.

Bulk sql validation for queries, reports and charts will show which ones are not running anymore.

On the server side, report running history was modified with a filter to show all data in a day or from a day till current date.

Profile configuration was extended with a list of actions desired to be hidden. Through profiles some users can see only some functionality (for example just the dashboards section, or just reports and scheduler)

NextReports Server also supports Single Sign On (CAS) through a very simple xml configuration.