Hello Friends,    I am prototyping a component using a non-servlet container(Netty). I have built a simple HTTP stack on top of this lets me get the request headers etc. However, I need to implement digest authentication support for this component. Most of the modules that I find that I could use for this depend on the the HttpServletRequest interface. However, Netty being a non-servlet container doesn't provide ServletRequests. I was wondering:
1. If there is a library that I could use that would just operate on variables needed for digest authentication but doesn't depend on the Servlet interface. I see only one module present in OpenJDK in the class sun.net.www.protocol.http.DigestAuthentication(http://www.docjar.com/docs/api/sun/net/www/protocol/http/DigestAuthentication.html)but can't see any similar class in Sun JDK which we are using.
2. Is there any library that would convert an incoming HTTP Stream into a ServletRequest that I could feed into existing libraries?