Introduction to Struts 2 configuration on Tomcat


News: Introduction to Struts 2 configuration on Tomcat

  1. The configuration of Struts 2 is different from the way Struts 1 configuration. This blog demonstrates  the steps required to configure Struts 2 on Tomcat. You can find out more here -


  2. A tad bit trivial, perhaps... I'm all for creating simple "tutorial" blogs, but I think you should aim a little bit higher than just copy/paste a pre-packaged "hello world". At minimum you should expend the effort of briefly explaining the various tags, configurations and patterns to give the reader at least some indications of what it's all about.

    Also, doing an intro to Struts2 without mentioning things like redirect mappings, interceptors, interceptor stacks and packages is like an intro to Spring without mentioning @Autowired.

    Keep at it!