LogDigger Connector is open source Java library that attaches to your logging framework and, in case of an error, can collect and send to you a detailed report containing contextual logs and various runtime data.

For example, a typical web application error report created may include:

  • HTTP request details, including URL and POST parameters
  • List of request and session attributes
  • Application specific data (current user for example)
  • Request log

Here’s what’s new in v2.0:

  • Support for multiple logging frameworks (Log4j, java.util.logging, Commons Logging, SLF4J)
  • Configure servlet filter using simple DSL to load and init desired features
  • Included extensions can send captured error details by email or to My LogDigger service
  • You can write your own extensions
  • Available as a single jar, no external dependencies

Runtime request log monitoring in Firefox is still supported.

My LogDigger is an optional, accompanying service that automatically classifies error reports to issues, sends notifications and helps you review collected data.

More details and download available at http://logdigger.com