Apache Lucene/Apache Solr 3.3 Release


News: Apache Lucene/Apache Solr 3.3 Release

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    Highlights of the Lucene release include:

    • The spellchecker module now includes suggest/auto-complete functionality, with three implementations: Jaspell, Ternary Trie, and Finite State.
    • Support for merging results from multiple shards, for both "normal" search results (TopDocs.merge) as well as grouped results using the grouping module (SearchGroup.merge, TopGroups.merge).
    • An optimized implementation of KStem, a less aggressive stemmer for English
    • Single-pass grouping implementation based on block document indexing.
    • Improvements to MMapDirectory (now also the default implementation returned by FSDirectory.open on 64-bit Linux).
    • NRTManager simplifies handling near-real-time search with multiple search threads, allowing the application to control which indexing changes must be visible to which search requests.
    • TwoPhaseCommitTool facilitates performing a multi-resource two-phased commit, including IndexWriter.
    • The default merge policy, TieredMergePolicy, has a new method (set/getReclaimDeletesWeight) to control how aggressively it targets segments with deletions, and is now more aggressive than before by default.
    • PKIndexSplitter tool splits an index by a mid-point term.

    Highlights of the Solr release include:

    • Grouping / Field Collapsing
    • A new, automaton-based suggest/autocomplete implementation offering an order of magnitude smaller RAM consumption.
    • KStemFilterFactory, an optimized implementation of a less aggressive stemmer for English.
    • Solr defaults to a new, more efficient merge policy (TieredMergePolicy). See http://s.apache.org/merging for more information.
    • Important bugfixes, including extremely high RAM usage in spellchecking.
    • Bugfixes and improvements from Apache Lucene 3.3

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