The Art of the Technical Presentation

The double edged sword of attending a professional conference or symposium is the fact that for every session that motivates you and reinvigorates your enthusiasm for Java technology, there's another session you end up sitting through that puts you to half to sleep.

The funny thing is, a bad seminar is often just as painful for the speaker as it is the attendee. There's nothing worse than delivering a poorly received talk amongst your peers. Which is why Joseph Ottinger's discussion on how to deliver a great presentation is a worthwhile read.

Joe himself is no stranger to the spotlight. As the former Editor-in-Chief of TheServerSide, he not only emceed TheServerSide Java Symposium, but he also had the opportunity to watch many of the most respected names in the industry both succeed and fail when it comes to  task of connecting with the audience. His cultivated insights on the topic are definitely coming from an informed source.

His insights might be summarized  on three key points: focus, know your purpose, and leave nothing to chance. But on each of those points Joe provides significantly more detail. If you're being called up in front of an audience, give this article a read. It'll help you focus on a few key things that will put you well on your way to becoming one of those more 'memorable' speakers. Maybe it'll even help you become a "JavaOne Rock Star."

Some suggestions for those making presentations