Is it me, or is CloudBees just about everywhere these days?

They had a big presence at the Liferay conference last month, they made the Jenkins conference that ran adjacent to the Sunday opening of OracleWorld happen, and of course, they've been using some crazy Jedi mind tricks to pluck top talent from a variety of different companies in this part of the tech sector, not the least of which was their addition of Oracle's Steve Harris who has now become their SVP of Products.

Adding to their collection of magic tricks, CloudBees has now added full support for the developing and deploying Java EE 6 Web Profile applications. "CloudBees is the only company to offer a cloud-based, production-ready PaaS that offers full support for the Java EE 6 Web Profile (EE6 WP) specification. "

So, the next question becomes, "Who is actually developing their enterprise applications using a PaaS offering?" There seems to be a number of players fighting over this space, from just cloud hosting to a full development stack, such as the Code2Cloud offering we're expecting from VMware. There is a huge amount of money going the development of this space. Whether potential clients are going to open their wallets and adopt these PaaS solutions in a manner that matches current hype is yet to be seen.


CloudBees Deepens Its Support for JavaTM With Java EE 6 Web Profile