Looking for Java Web CMS version of Drupal, Joomla, Typo3.


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Looking for Java Web CMS version of Drupal, Joomla, Typo3.

  1. I’m looking for an open source WCMS written in Java: the java version of joomla or drupal; plenty of modules/functionalities, ease of use and with a very high market acceptance.

    It would be used in a medium/high sized portal for Internet. So, it should be prepared to have millions of nodes (contents) and 100K visitors per day

    It must have anonymous user and integrate with CAS single sign on (or another sso solution)

    Finally, the content model should be “hot-extensible”. Thus, administrators should be able to add new data types without restarting.

    According to my preferences, it would be perfect if the CMS were based on Spring Framework.

    I’ve found dotCMS. But, I didn’t found any case of website which is using dotCMS for 100K visitors/day.


    Any recommendations?


    Thanks in advance

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  2. Content Control[ Go to top ]

    You could try Content Control. It has only just been Open Sourced so doesn't have a big community behind it yet, but there's a small friendly team committed to developing it, who will be open to discussion. There's an API and it supports LDAP authentication, though I don't know whether it supports the authentication model you want out of the box.

    It's Java (J2EE), supports Spring, templating using Velocity and Hibernate. It's fairly database agnostic, supporting MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle and MSSQL.

    There are some nice features like versioning on all resources, whether they're file assets or pages; previews, front and back end searches, commenting, friendly URLs etc.

    In our experience it's actually quicker to develop on than Drupal, as the templating model is much more transparent, and the system retains the folder concept at the backend, mirroring the site structure from a user experience point of view.

    If you've experienced MODX, it's not entirely dissimilar, though there's a vastly better UI at the backend and authoring features like markup highlighting for multiple content types when editing scripts and templates.

    There's a major release out in the next few weeks which will add some more features, but in the meantime why not grab a copy at http://www.contentcontrol.com