ZK Pivottable brings the power of spreadsheet's pivot table to Java web applications, enabling developers to take advantage of a readymade component for presenting complex sets of data online. Thanks to the positive response from the community for 1.0beta, ZK Pivottable 1.0 is now officially released, introducing users to new features including:

  • Macro Component for Field Control

          - A macro component is available for handling field setting manipulation; user implementation required on Pivottable control UI is reduced to a minimum.

  • Customaizable Cell Style

          - Users can determine the CSS class and style on any data cell, which allows custom highlight or marking on cells.

  • Sizable Columns

          - Users can drag and drop column borders to change the column width dynamically.

  • Header Sorting

          - API and UI control are provided to specify custom sorting on row and column fields.

  • Filter Utility

          - An utility of input data filter is provided to assist refining the model data.

For more information, please check out the release note or download it right away!