is a new hosting what specialize in java and j2ee virtual dedicated servers (VDS). Every vds server is a linux Debian server with preinstalled software for developers:

  • java 6, sun jdk
  • tomcat 6
  • maven 3, ant
  • open LDAP server and LAM - console for user management
  • Jenkins - continuous integration server, conncted to LDAP
  • nexus - maven repository , connected to LDAP
  • redmine - project managment, ticket system and wiki, connected to LDAP
  • SCM server - source code server, supports git, hg, subversion, connected to LDAP

This is good starting package for develop software products in java and easy to integrate with TDD and CI techniques.

Interesting to hear from java communitiy what you think about it? is it a good product what you would like to use in your company?

more info  and demo available here - - java development intro