ZK is primarily an UI framework that does not make any assumptions about application's persistence layer or database. Application developers are free to use any database (relational or non-relational) and any data access layer solutions that work with those databases. Typically, for relational databases developers either use plain JDBC or some sophisticated object-relational mapping library like Hibernate. This series of small talk will show how developers can develop non-relational database driven ZK applications.

We will use a simple TODO list application that uses mongoDB which is a popular non-relational database. In Part 1 mongoDB Java driver APIs will be used for TODO tasks CRUD operations which is similar to using JDBC driver for relational databases. In Part 2, Morphia, a lightweight type-safe library for mapping Java objects to/from mongoDB, will be demonstrated, which is similar to using Hibernate for relational databases. Finally for developers who are familiar with Spring framework, in Part 3, the article will show you how to leverage Spring Data mongoDB support to work with mongoDB database.

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