Apache JMeter, a Java program to Load Test server applications, is available in version 2.6 since today.

This first release of JMeter as a Top Level Apache project brings many improvements:

Scripting productivity:

  1. Addition of a Toolbar
  2. Addition of a Search Engine to search Treeview
  3. Addition of a Console Log Viewer to ease Dynamic Script debugging
  4. Support for file drag and drop and Clipboard copy/paste

Enhanced Samplers:

  1. A new HTTP RAW Post sampler to ease GWT, REST, SOAP XML sampling
  2. JMS Samplers improvements (Support of JMS Selectors, Message separators)
  3. New DiskStore sample sender for distributed testing efficiency
  4. New Poisson Timer
  5. JDBC Sampler improvements (Transaction isolation, Pre/Post processor)

Enhanced reporting:

  1. Aggregate graph improvements

And  many important bug fixes to important features like:

  1. Ability to restart an iteration after an error
  2. Concurrent download of resources fixed
  3. I18N support fix
  4. ...

The project has a detailed page with lots of screenshots together of the innovations.

The software is licensed under Apache License 2.0 and require Java 1.5 is currently running. The new version 2.6 is available in both binary and source code format for download available.


The Apache JMeter Team