Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance Powered by Lenovo Helps Companies Reduce Big Data Complexities and Speed Business Results

Los Angeles, CA, April 2, 2012 – Actian Corporation today announced that it is teaming with Lenovo to deliver the powerful Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance, a pre-configured software and hardware solution designed to break the cost and technical constraints of competing data analysis products. By matching smart software with high-performance, budget-minded hardware, Actian’s relationship with Lenovo is a collaboration of world-class platforms that simplifies the implementation of Big Data projects and speeds the delivery of data analysis and business insight.

“The Vectorwise database engine, in conjunction with the Lenovo ThinkServer platform, offers an affordable suite of appliances that enable mid-market companies and enterprise departments to quickly access and analyse data,” says Actian CEO and President, Steve Shine. “It underlines our commitment to provide superior solutions that allow customers to drive faster time to business value and lead through competitive advantage.”

Vectorwise is one of the most significant database technology innovations of the last twenty years and meets broad business demands to analyse the exploding volumes of data. Written from the ground up to utilise the latent processing power in modern hardware, Vectorwise delivers dramatically higher data processing rates compared to other relational databases. Since its launch in June 2010, Vectorwise has achieved performance increases in commercial deployments surpassing 100X that of existing databases-without the need for tuning, indexing and materialised view strategies.

With increasing customer demands for faster performance and a wider variety of appliances, analytics and business intelligence, the combined experience of Vectorwise and Lenovo is the complete package for a data solution in any organisation. Engineered to accelerate Big Data project implementations on an enterprise-scale data warehousing solution, the Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance offers:

  • Performance: The appliance features the record-breaking Vectorwise database optimised to run on the Lenovo ThinkServer RD240, an ideal workhorse server that provides the capacity and power needed to process large transactions.

  • Affordability: Starting at an attractive entry price, the appliance offers low total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for expensive resources to design and tune the system.

  • Fast Deployment: The pre-configured appliance can be in production within minutes of being racked, ensuring fast deployment and the shortest time to get action-oriented insight into the hands of business users.

  • Compatibility: Compliant with industry standards for SQL, JDBC, ODBC, and .NET support, the Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance operates seamlessly alongside legacy platforms.

  • Manageability: Based on industry standard components, the appliance is simple to install and manage using resources and skills readily available in your organisation. With built-in web-enabled remote management, the ThinkServer RD240 will easily integrate into existing management infrastructures.

  • Energy Efficiency: The ThinkServer RD240’s energy-efficient features and Vectorwise’s Energy Efficiency records make this Data Mart Appliance an ideal solution for customers seeking green alternatives. 

  • Interoperability: The Vectorwise analytic database is certified with commonly-used Business Intelligence tools including IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, SAP BusinessObjects, Tableau and Yellowfin. 

“Lenovo ThinkServers are designed to bring exceptional performance and value to customers and our partnership with Actian presents a solution with the potential to change the economic model of Big Data analysis,” says Tom Ribble, director, ThinkServer Product Marketing, Lenovo. “The convergence of highly-efficient platforms not only helps companies quickly uncover deep insights from their data, but the affordability of the Vectorwise Data Mart Appliance enables companies of all sizes to realise the value of business intelligence.”