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    where can i find "ejbc" compiler in weblogic 5.1 for solaris.I couldn't deploy my Jar file in the weblogic 5.1 for solaris. In weblogic 5.1 for windows, we can find ejbc.exe But i couldn't find one to compile and deploy my jar file in solaris. Please let me know..
  2. Hi
    In solaris you can do this by the following command
    java weblogic.ejbc -compiler javac <jarfilename> /weblogic/myserver/<jarfilename>
    For this command to work you need to set the classpath.
    I hope this works for you
    Praveen Varma
  3. Thanks for your reply. But that is where i am facing problem(means in setting classpath). Could please send me the classpath for "ejbc" compiler for Weblogic 5.1 in solaris 8.
    I have installed weblogic in /usr/bin/weblogic/ directory.
  4. Hi
    You try the below given classpath
    Praveen Varma
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     You is using Visual Café? or other tool? your platform is windows?
     if yes, you can shared your area of work with samba.
     in visual café, configure the classpath for the weblogic classpath:

     you can compile all projects in windows without problems and copy for solaris.

     Adilson de Souza Dias
     master at adilson dot com.br
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    Thanx guys!!!