For architects who would like to learn to fully automate a typical 3-tier Java/Spring application in cloud environments, a short demonstration has been published by 6 year VMware engineering veteran, Matthew Ford. Using virtual machines running CentOS, MySQL, tc Server (VMware’s drop-in replacement for Tomcat and optimized for Spring), and Apache. Ford showcases VMware’s newest application management product, vFabric Application Director and how it can cut the process to provision infrastructure and install applications from weeks to minutes.

In this short demonstration, Matthew explains:

  • The logical definition of all elements within a system architecture
  • The separation of physical and logical definitions so one architecture supports multiple clouds or hybrid cloud environments
  • The way to set-up dependencies, customizations, and installation methods within the architecture
  • Clusters, load balancing, and more

 Check out the full demonstration on the VMware vFabric blog.