wanna install win95, win2000 pro, and solaris 8 on one pc


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: wanna install win95, win2000 pro, and solaris 8 on one pc

  1. Hi Guys,
     I have a problem here.
    please suggest me the procedure to install win95, win2000 pro and Solaris 8 on one pc.

     Waiting for your reply,
    Thanking you in anticipation,
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    Arthur Rodricks
  2. This can be done, you just need a boot manager to do it.

    Install them in this order.


    The MS OSs will automatically assume they are the only thing you want to run and will dump all over the MBR on your primary hard disk. You need to install some form of boot manager to control the process.

    LILO, part of Linux will do this, I know it can fire off 95 and 2000 boots, probably it can handle Solaris as well. You can get enough of a Linux install on a single floppy disk to allow you to run LILO.

    Note: 95 won't run unless it is installed on C:. 2000 doesn't care and Solaris doesn't even have the drive letter concept so couldn't care less! :-)



    PS. There may be other boot managers out there as well. IBM used to ship Boot Manager with OS/2. It requires a 5MB partition on your hard disk to run so make sure you know what your boot manager will need BEFORE you partition the disk! :-)
  3. Hi Tony ,

     Thanks Buddy,
    Please tell me the step by step installation in short....
    Also advice, which boot manager should i download,


    Processor: 600 Mhz Pentium 3
    HDD : Seagate 20.4 Gb
    RAM : 64 Mb
    M Board : Intel 810e

    Thanks ,
    Arthur Rodricks ( u have been a huge source of help ) :-)
  4. First of all format your hard disk and create DOS-PARTITIONS
    using "fdisk" (you can find fdisk in your windows boot disk). Make sure that is there some space unpartitioned space left in you hard disk(minimum 1GB, but 6-7GB will be helpful if you want to install some programs in Solaris).
    Now format you DOS-PARTITIONS using "format" command and
    install Window95 and windows 2000 in the DOS-PARTITION.

       Now is the time for solaris.....Start you system with Solaris boot CD and follow the insructions. (what i think is ,it will be good if have some UNIX knowledge). If you face any problem. Then get back to me.
  5. Thanks Raghu,

      I have tried the procedure,
    U have just explained.

     But the problem, I face is that the Windows 2000 Pro
    , Kernel gets corrupt. and thus fails to boot.

     Win 95 works well, after Solaris
    The problem is with WIn2k after Solaris Installation.

     Arthur Rodricks