One of VMware’s specialists who focuses on Agile services delivery, Beth Brown, has published a recent article on the key Agile elements of a software application platform.

Given the amount of information published on the benefits of agile practices, she posed the question, “do our technology platforms impact the Agile process and methodologies performed by our teams?”

By summarizing two key elements of the Agile manifesto and comparing these elements to general features of application platforms, Beth identified 10 features of an agile application platform.

The Two Themes:

  1. Adaptable Designs – architectures that can easily evolve without breaking.
  2. Delivery Efficiency – tools that streamline delivery and save time.

The 10 Features:

  1. An application framework that minimizes coupling
  2. An application framework with great support for Unit and Integration Testing
  3. A messaging technology that can run anywhere
  4. An application platform that supports performance testing in the development cycle
  5. An application server that streamlines application deployment
  6. A web server that can be deployed quickly and consistently
  7. A cloud-enabled application provisioning solution
  8. Platform components that support “Database as a Service”
  9. An adaptable database solution
  10. A performance monitoring tool that automatically keeps pace with application changes

For more detail, please read the entire article.