Managers using cloud analytics to track developers


News: Managers using cloud analytics to track developers

  1. There's a story on about a CIO who successfully used analytics to improve the way he managed his development team. For the full story, read it here.

    I am curious to find out what developers think about that. Do you like the idea that your boss can push back on deadlines with data rather than politics or do you hate the idea that someone is accounting for your every move?

    Hoping to start a discussion here on the form, and if anyone is willing to be interviewed, please contact me at ariglian at techtarget dot com.

  2. We collect stats (lots of them) from SCM commits, Build server, Maven executions, JIRA, Rally, sonar, etc, stick them into couchdb and analyse them. It’s amazing how you can get a picture from this of your engineering groups culture and behaviours. 

    How you use it is key!! Use them wrongly and you will drive bad behaviours and as the article says devs will game them. Use them wisely and your will improve your development practices and create a sustainable engineering process.



  3. nicely complements the TSS post I did a couple years ago on project code quality metrics.  We're still tracking code quality on each SCM commit (50,000 a year) via a SQL DB metrics post-processor to Sonar.  All aspects of our code quality increases.  One, branch/line coverage, has increased from 27% to 82% on the 1.5 million LOC (8-fold increase in unit tests to 33,000) without adding to project timelines. 

  4. This might be a better use of analytics:




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