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    hey folks i am sorry if i am posting this message in a wrong newsgroup.

    I am using BAS4.5 and JBuilder.
    All my beans are working fine on local server.I added an Appserevr which is
    on our LAN to test my application on network.I added the server and
    deployed my project bean successfully .My problem is how the application
    would know that it has to be run on Network server and not the local one.


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    Is BAS is weblogic application server.just curious to ask.
    Now about your problem U have to run there server in the same way how your are running on the local machine .Just port it onto the Network Machine and access that your aplication thru IP address of that machine I am working on Websphere 3.5 app server and have ported on it on the Network only.What is your problem are u getting some error while accessing that machine on Network