Consolidation and the associated cost savings are part of every IT shop’s agenda in today’s world.  Like other areas, deployments have proliferated in the middleware space.  While companies are looking at virtualization to reduce server instances, they also use the opportunity to rationalize the number of middleware components on JVMs.  This is two layers of consolidation – servers and JVMs.  Some companies have already accomplished consolidation goals.  For example:

  • A hospitality company consolidated servers and JVMs while improving performance and keeping SLAs.
  • An insurance company was able to over-commit CPU in development and QA to save on third party software license costs.
  • Other companies have constraints on their ability to consolidate yet still increase utilization of compute resources through virtualization.

Elasticity also means Flexibility

Elastic computing has been about the ability to increase and decrease resources on demand. Weather your traffic is seasonal, based on market changes, or has spikes due to media coverage, an elastic application layer is less concerned with loads.  When virtual machines, JVMs, and apps can be added or removed quickly and automatically, technology infrastructure acts dramatically different.  We no longer worry about infrastructure logistics the same way – we still look at issues associated with cost but neither time nor human resources act as a constraining factor.

A truly elastic middle layer also changes the concept of scheduled maintenance.  Imagine moving a virtual machine from one server to another without bringing down the application.  Companies today handle millions of transactions per day and schedule hardware upgrades without downtime by simply moving the virtual machine to other servers while upgrades are performed. Moving an app around via software is a fundamental paradigm shift in application management.


Virtualizing middleware can also increase performance while reducing costs.  Sizing, tuning, and other activities performed during a virtualization project have shown to yield measurable results for companies today.  Of course, there are obvious (and previously mentioned) performance improvements from being in a cloud environment where scale is elastic.

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