Unable to start Weblogic server


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Unable to start Weblogic server

  1. Unable to start Weblogic server (2 messages)

    I am not able to start the default weblogic 6.0 server loaded on single machine (win 98) It is a 30 day evaluation copy.

    Can you pl tell which program to be associated with startWeblogic.cmd script to start the default server ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. If you have installed properly, then you can start the server from the start menu. If couldn't do that then start the server with the .bat file which is in the folder where you have installed wl6.0
  3. Umm, start menu eh? Never done that, always used the command prompt.

    Anyhoo, if its installed as c:\bea then
    cd \bea\wlserver6.0sp1\config\mydomain

    And that should do it. Then always use the montitor on the console to close it down - I did invalidate the temp cache once by a ctrl-c and it was a sod to fix.