converting GL Application from oracle to EJB platform


EJB design: converting GL Application from oracle to EJB platform

  1. I am converting my GL application from Oracle (Developer 2000)to EJB Platform. I want to know whether I have to convert all the tables to the entity beans or there is some other way b/c it contains more then 25 tables. what is the critaria of selecting an entity bean

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  2. The granularity of an entity bean has been discussed before, try searching the archives.

    The specification says that in general an entity bean should represent an independent business object that has independent identity and lifecycle and is referenced by multiple enterprise beans and/or clients.

    So it really depends on what your tables represent. The 2.0 specification proposes local entity beans, so here the granularity is finer, but this is not final yet.

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  3. HI there
    selection of entity beans depends on following factors

    1) CRUD operation (Create ,Read ,Update ,Delete) on any table (if u want to get junk of data from databse and the data is not shared among the concurrent clients then dont use entity beans rather in this scene u go for session bean with jdbc calls to databse )

    2) If data is shared among concurrent clients.(as explined aboce)

    3) complex trasaction is invlolved with database

    so In above scenario u can go for entity beans.
    and again wether u r going for CMp or BMP its again a concern here as u have to code for each table a CMP beans but its not with BMP.
    ALL the information above stated is with respect to the EJB1.1 specification
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