what`s the main differ between BMP and the Session Bean


EJB design: what`s the main differ between BMP and the Session Bean

  1. what`s the main difference between BMP and the Session Bean with DB acess logic!?

  2. Hi ,jamestra Wong
    there is a considerable difference between two
    We use session bean with DB objects when
    :- when u want bulk of data from database abd this is data is not shared between concurrent clients and complex transaction is not invloved with this data tables

    we will choose Bean managed psersistance Entity Bean when :
    Data is shared among the lots of concurrent clients and comlplex transaction is invlolved one must go for the enity bean never use entity bean only for bulk of data retrival.
    agaain u must be knowing when we use the Cmp and BMp
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  3. In case of BMP we have to write the code, but while running the server is less busy as compaired to CMP. As in CMP the server do the work which is done by BMP.
    Session bean is a different thing, it is a business related
    think or u can say to access entity bean from client we use entity bean to reduce traffic between client & server
    Debabrata Mishra