JSOS (Java Servlets Office Suite) ver 2.0.

Coldjava announced the major new release of Java Servlets Office Suite (JSOS). 40+ "out-of-the-box" components on the base of Java Servlets and Java Server Pages can be used for fast assembly of web sites and services on the base of J2EE. This new version includes a massive code update and JSP integration through custom beans and tags.

JSOS in the latest version supports WAP/WML, so the same set of components covers wireless world too.

JSOS plays the same role as a set of CGI scripts and can be used by webmasters for adding dynamic capabilities to their sites.

JSOS has a rich set of components such as Message Board, Chat, File Manager, Calendar, Collaboration tools such as co-browsing and documents sharing, Portals maker, etc. The webmaster can quickly build a web community or can use this tool for managing his/her site provided there's a servletrunner available on the server where the site is supposed to run. This is the only requirement for JSOS to be used.

All servlets are configurable, so they can be embedded into internal design framesets.

Currently Coldjava's servlet collection is probably the largest collection of Java servlets over the Net and continues to grow. And with WAP/WML stuff it is one of the biggest collections of Java server-side components with the seamless support for the wireless development. Such big set of components converts JSOS into real "ASP out-of-the box" solution.

Main users for JSOS are:

- Java vendors support J2EE in the own product. Java servlets (JSP) is a part of this technology and having pre-builded set of components is an extra argument for their customers.

- Internet service providers (ISP). Currently most of them have got pre-installed CGI scripts for hosted clients. With JSOS they can get a chance to do the same with servlets and leave the obsolete technology (traditional CGI scripts).

- Web-masters and any users who are in charge of web site development. Again they can just replace old CGI scripts with analogues based on the modern approach.

- Wireless developers. Again components from JSOS can be used for fast assembling WAP portals.

- Intranets developers. JSOS components are like Lego blocks and can be used for fast assembling intranet sites. They are pure Java, so JSOS is 100% portable. It is an object oriented approach, so it is safety and easy to use. It is a technology supported by Sun, IBM etc. Currently many companies can outsource their intranet's tasks with specialized web-services. With JSOS they can very quickly build the similar stuff (or any ISP can do this for own clients for example). And they do not need to program Java for this.

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