Does the cloud really have any impact on how developers do their jobs?


News: Does the cloud really have any impact on how developers do their jobs?

  1. Cloud technologies are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern computing environment. There is a plethora of PaaS, SaaS, UIaaS and IaaS offerings on the market today, and cloud technologies are certainly impacting how both desktop and mobile applications are developed. But has cloud computing actually had any impact on the individual developer and how that developer does their work on a day to day basis? 

    Cloud based IDEs stink. And most developers couldn't care less if their JIRA install was local or in the cloud. So, while Java developers are certainly capable of using cloud based technologies, have the technologies themselves really had any impact on how development is done? After all, a class diagram is still a class diagram, regardless of whether an organization is using a design tool that's hosted as a SaaS offering or not.

    At the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Las Vegas, TheServerSide speaks with Mark Driver, VP of Research at Gartner, about the impact cloud computing is having on the job of developing modern day software.

    How has cloud computing impacted the developer and the development lifecycle?


    Point taken. Although I could care less about what David Mitchell has to say. :)-Ed

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    It will change how apps are built (architecture), not so much how we build apps (SDLC).

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    From a development standpoint I don't think it effects their job a whole lot. Deployment could be simpler. From an application support standpoint it may provide better tools for monitoring and troubleshooting server problems. We used Windows Azure and from a day to day writing code perspective it doesn't change much.