This year, the current market for mobile applications will far exceed the entire total dollar amount spent to date on business intelligence (BI) software and tools. Furthermore, by 2015, analysts expect users to have downloaded over 100 billion mobile apps. By the end of 2013, there will be more smart phones and tablets in the world than PCs. The fact is, the mobile development market is changing quickly and in unpredictable ways, and as a result, if you developed a sound mobile strategy six to eighteen months ago, you’re probably working with a mobile strategy that is sadly out of date.

So, what is an organization to do? Throwing away their existing mobile strategy just might be a good start, asserts Ian Finley at this years Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Las Vegas. Of course, the assertion is as much practical as it is facetious, but Ian makes a good point: that in a time when the mobile market is rapidly changing, mobile strategies must change as well or else they run the risk of being more harmful than they are helpful.

For more insights from Ian Finley, along with some ways to deal with an ever changing mobile development market, read the full report on Ian’s session at this year’s Gartner Summit:

Why the best mobile strategy is to throw away your mobile strategy